Contest Introduction






RMIT University, in associate with WT Media, invites YOU, the talented storytellers from Melbourne, to be a part of our Video Contest.

Registered students will be provided with opportunity to explore RMIT and record their experiences, then use those materials to create a unique, compelling and personal video (fiction or documentary).

The videos will be uploaded to YouTube and spread out through all major social media platforms. So that intending students will have a virtual reference and be educated about RMIT campus, course, industry connections and other features.

The purpose of the video contest is to promote RMIT while encouraging students to create collaborative teams and show RMIT from the student perspective.

Teams will be given a set of requirements including time limits, required selling points that have to be shown.

The Rules:

Your Short Film can be imaginative, unorthodox, daring or simple – the style and structure are completely up to you but you must touch on at least one of the following major themes:

           1. RMIT’s three colleges.
           2. Life / study experience in RMIT.
           3. RMIT’s industry connection.

Time limits: Video cannot exceed two (2) minutes in length.

Video can be no larger than 300 MB and must be in one of the following file formats: QuickTime (.mov) or mpeg-4 (.mp4).

Contest Timeline:

1. Go to
Fill in the contest registration form from website and complete it with required information. Registration starts on 24 April and closes on 16 May.

2. Sponsor will then organise an information session for all registered students, to provide introduction on RMIT and instruction on filming the video. All registers will be divided into groups to work as a team.

3. Filming starts 19 May and finishes on 25 May.

4. Editing and uploading videos finishes on 1 June.

5. Initial Judging: After the contest submission deadline, a preliminary judgement will be conduct by voting. Up to ten (10) videos with the highest scores will advance to the final judging round. Finishes on 15 June.

6. Final Judging: A final judging panel will evaluate the (advancing) top 10 videos using the criteria set forth as below:
Persuasiveness and clarity in support of at least one major theme (40%);
Creativity and originality of video concept (35%);
Quality of technical and artistic production (25%).
The winner will be determined on or about 22 June.

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